Walter Faust Attorney

In the late 1980s, Walter Faust limited his legal practice to the representation of individuals who suffered personal injuries by the negligence of others. He began this work in Philadelphia as an associate of a large law firm, Manchel, Lundy and Lessin, whose work was limited to prosecuting personal injury cases. Mr. Faust then became associated with Kenneth Iulo, Esqs. of Passaic County where he continued to represent clients who suffered personal injuries, trying cases before juries in the Northern New Jersey counties. Mr. Faust then established a business in Englewood where he continued the personal injury practice for almost twelve years. In more recent years, Mr. Faust has taken his practice to Leonia where he operates a community based law practice which is largely limited to representing individuals who have suffered personal injuries by the negligence of others. He is licensed to practice law in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

The personal injury practice of law has substantially evolved over the last 20 years. Hardly a day goes by when we do not hear the media speaking of frivolous law suits. The insurance industry spends millions of dollars each year influencing the perspectives of physicians who they hire to dispute the validity of the personal injury claims. The media remains a powerful force to be reckoned with. The individual who prosecutes a personal injury claim faces a biased playing field. Your neighbors in Northern New Jersey are quick to trivialize personal injury claims, until they see their family member injured by the negligence of another. Though we may see many attorneys advertise to suggest that they have a personal injury practice, the reality is that the changes in the law and interpretation of existing law has driven as much as 50% of personal injury practitioners from this work. Though many attorneys advertise, this doesn’t mean the attorney does the work themselves. General practitioners sometimes refer their personal injury cases to a seasoned practitioners later in time, often after harm has already been done. The personal injury practice has become increasingly complex with countless opportunities for the general practitioner to make errors to the client’s detriment. There are also subtle intricacies which might be missed which might be worked to the clients’ benefit. When undertaking a client’s representation, it is imperative that the attorney gives the client a realistic view from the beginning. Mr. Faust remains committed to giving clients competent representation and realistic expectations. We understand that our client base comes by recommendations of prior clients.